Powerful forms — offline capable and on any device

Author forms that capture GPS, error validation, logic, repeats, signatures, photos and much more. Then use your forms on smartphones and desktops — with or without a data connection. Data is automatically uploaded when a connection is detected or you can upload it to your computer. Form authoring is done using the popular XLSForm standard. An online form builder is also coming soon!

World class support

You’ll never have to worry about being able to reach us. Our dedicated, multilingual support team spans 14 time zones, so you can go about your work with confidence, knowing we’ve got your back. We also offer premium support options for those that need guaranteed 1-day or weekend support.

Work together effortlessly

Ona lets you choose who you want to share data with. You can even create filters of your real-time data to ensure sensitive data, such as personal identifiers, remain hidden. With Ona, the entire team can be on the same page with the most recent data without compromising data security and privacy.

Get insights in real time

Ona’s powerful data visualization and analysis tools are simple enough for anyone to use. Maps let you browse all submissions or filter points based on fields and answers. Summary charts give you one-click access to graphs from your data. XLS Reports let you create an Excel dashboard that includes calculations and everything the spreadsheet software can do.

Manage organization data without the headache

With Ona organzations, information across projects and across your enterprise is accessible at your fingertips. You can either create one organization or one organization for each programme to have central access to data. Organizations also make it easy to manage permissions centrally for your organizations' mission critical data.

Works for multinationals, individuals and everything in between

Ona has two types of accounts: personal and organization. Personal accounts work well for small teams and projects. For teams, Ona organizations let multiple individuals manage a shared organization account. An individual with a personal account can also be part of multiple organizations. Read more in the Organization Guide.

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We also recommend reading the Considering Ona FAQ.