Ona Data Release Notes

Improvements, updates, and bug fixes

09-20-2021 v2.0.39 Release

  • Fixed: Organization members with the Project manager role could remove Admins from an organization account.
  • Fixed: Project managers could view hidden projects.
  • Fixed: Project managers could not create projects in an organization account. The option to create a new project was not available for such organization members.

08-19-2021 v2.0.38 Release

  • Enables Enketo encryption which allows users to fill in encrypted forms using Enketo webforms.
  • Fixed: Users with personal accounts that don’t have organization accounts could not create new projects.
  • Fixed: Users were not being redirected to the form’s Overview page when they would click on a form from the forms drop-down menu in the user account’s homepage.
  • Fixed: Specific users were not able to access their organization accounts when they would click on the organizations from the organizations drop-down. The users were being redirected to the error page “This page is currently unavailable”.

08-02-2021 v2.0.37 Release

    • Fixed: The date filter was failing when applied to json data exports. All the data in the form was being exported instead of the data collected within the specified date range.
    • Fixed: Adding users to an organization account was failing with the error “Page Not Found”.

07-14-2021 v2.0.36 Release

        • Adds support for manual syncing of hyper files. This feature allows users to manually sync hyper files when the sync fails after creating a Tableau Hyper connection.
        • Adds generic network failure event handler.
        • Fixed: The progress modal was not showing up during data uploads via the Import CSV/Excel feature.
        • Fixed: The error “Cannot reach server – rapidpro. Please try again.” was being thrown when a user would try to edit a RapidPro connection.

06-15-2021 v2.0.34 Release

            • Updates data endpoint documentation with instructions on filtering submissions created during specific time periods.
            • Fixed: Users were not getting logged out after resetting their passwords using the Forgot
              password link in the Edit Account Settings page.
            • Fixed: Users were unable to import collaborators from another project when sharing a project with multiple users.

05-24-2021 v2.0.32 Release

              • Adds documentation for the messaging/notification endpoint to the Ona API Documentation.
              • Adds submission review date to data exports endpoint.
              • Fixed: The Forgot password link in the Edit Account Settings page was not redirecting users to the reset password page.
              • Fixed: The error Missing/Invalid CSRF token was being returned when users would attempt to reset their passwords from the Edit Account Settings page using the Forgot password link.

05-03-2021 v2.0.31 Release

                • Fixed: Geopoints for forms with more than 10000 records were not being rendered on the map view.
                • Fixed: The Organizations drop-down was available on the main menu even for accounts that did not have any organization accounts.
                • Fixed: Users were being redirected to the form Overview page instead of the Tableau Hyper app after authorizing with hypremind.

04-23-2021 v2.0.30 Release

                • Introduces the Tableau Hyper services functionality. This is an application that allows users to create maintained Hyper databases that can be used to visualize data on Tableau.
                • Fixed: Users with Can View and Download permission level were able to edit forms in the formbuilder.
                • Fixed: The Create filtered dataset option in the form drop-down menu was being hidden by the page footer.
                • Fixed: Homepage footer links were broken.

03-16-2021 v2.0.28 Release

                • Updates Ona Data website logo
                • Enables the start-geopoint metadata field to be visualized on the map view.
                • Fixed: Users with Can Submit permission level could review submissions and save the submission status even though the API would throw a permission error during the process.
                • Fixed: The error This media file was not uploaded successfully would be displayed on the Table tab even for media files that had been uploaded to the server successfully.
                • Fixed: Collected images were not being displayed on the webform page when editing records in Enketo.
                • Fixed: The in app chat button was covering the Next and Save buttons in the create filtered dataset modal.

02-23-2021 v2.0.26 Release

                • Adds support for additional Enketo urls which includes offline, single submission and preview urls.
                • Sets a language query parameter for data exports at the form level which enables users to download data in a different language from the default one when they switch languages from the language drop-down.
                • Removes double scroll bars from the project page.
                • Fixed: Anti-forgery-cookie was not being sent to the server when resetting passwords or emails.

01-21-2021 v2.0.24 Release

                • Fixed: Downloading forms created on the formbuilder was failing with the error 404 Not Found.
                • Fixed: Forms within a project were being disabled randomly after a user would delete filtered datasets saved in the same project.
                • Fixed: Permission level for organization members in a project was not getting updated when a user would select a different role from the default one.

01-06-2021 v2.0.22 Release

                • Fixed: The API key was not accessible from the account settings.
                • Fixed: The Add Multiple Collaborators tab was not being disabled when the account’s plan limit was reached.
                • Fixed: CSRF session token on login was not expiring within a reasonable time frame.
                • Fixed: CSV files were not being included in the list of files that a user could upload when uploading media files to a form.
                • Fixed: Enketo survey links were being generated with the extension /enketo-preview instead of /enketo which resulted in errors when loading webforms on a browser.
                • Fixed: A wrong server URL for configuring ODK Collect was being displayed in the Submit data panel of the form Overview page.
                • Fixed: Users could create private projects in organization accounts that were on the Free plan.

12-07-2020 v2.0.21 Release

                • Adds support for XML files upload. This feature makes it possible for user to upload forms authored in XML format.
                • Limits adding webhooks or apps to project Admins.
                • Fixed: Ouath 2 logic was not redirecting to the client profile authorization page after setting zebra cookies.
                • Fixed: The EU Citizen Data Privacy Setting section had been removed from the Edit Account Settings tab of the account.
                • Fixed: The Terms of Service notification was being shown even after users had accepted it.

11-02-2020 v2.0.20 Release

                • Replaces enketo-meta-cookie with enketo-username-cookie.
                • Adds form version field to the Table tab.
                • Fixed: Users with Can Submit permission level were being redirected to a 404 error page when they tired to access webforms for forms that had blocked access to all data for such users.
                • Fixed: Filtered datasets were being disabled for all users including project Admins who had created them.
                • Fixed: Users could not move forms from the form Settings page.
                • Fixed: The Create merged dataset link was not showing up in projects in paid organization accounts.
                • Fixed: Geopoints were not being displayed in the Map tab.

10-08-2020 v2.0.15 Release

                • Enables identity verification for web and mobile on intercom.
                • Fixed: Users with Can Submit permission level could not access webforms.

09-24-2020 v2.0.10 Release

                • Fixed: Enketo links were being shared between unrelated forms.
                • Fixed: Enketo was throwing an error when users would try to edit some records.

09-21-2020 v2.0.7 Release

                • Fixed: Multiple filters on the same variable were not rendering any data in the created filtered dataset.
                • Fixed: A wrong error message was being returned when uploading a CSV file with one record using the Upload a dataset feature.

08-27-2020 v2.0.5 Release

                • Fixed: The Table tab was not showing all the data columns in a form.
                • Fixed: The response No answer was being rendered in cells that represented media files that were collected but were yet to be received by the onadata servers.
                • Fixed: Project Admins in projects that belong to organization accounts were not able to review submissions in forms that had the Submission Review setting enabled.
                • Fixed: Labels for answer choices pulled form a CSV file using the Search function were not being displayed on the Table tab.
                • Fixed: Submission review toggle buttons were missing from the form Settings page for premium accounts.

07-30-2020 v2.0.2 Release

                • Implements the form builder Question Library feature. This feature makes it possible for users to save, share, and reuse frequently aksed questions when authoring forms using the form builder.
                • Fixed: Geopoints on heat maps were not showing up on the map even after users zoomed in to a certain level.
                • Fixed: The Tableau connector status remained Inactive on the form Settings tab even when the Tableau connection was live.

06-25-2020 v2.0.1 Release

                • Adds a setting that bars users from making private projects public.
                • When the setting is turned on, users can only create/have private projects.
                • Turning the setting off allows users to change project status from private to public.
                • Makes the dropbox form upload feature dynamic. This option will now be hidden for custom deployments that do not require the feature.
                • Fixed: Geoshapes were being displayed as geopoints in the map tab.
                • Fixed: The username field in a form was being set to username not found for records submitted via Enketo.

05-25-2020 v1.9.9 Release

                • Fixed: The API tab was showing the temp token instead of the API token.
                • Fixed: Geopoints collected within a group were not being rendered on the map.
                • Fixed: Geoshapes were not switching colour when users would filter data in the map.

04-21-2020 v1.9.7 Release

                • Fixed: Users were being redirected to their profile page instead of project list/homepage upon account creation.
                • Fixed: Start date and end date fields were missing from the data type dropdown for the Upload a dataset feature.
                • Fixed: Records in a Google Sheet export were being duplicated when a user would edit records on the Table tab.

03-31-2020 v1.9.6 Release

                • Adds the option for downloading XLS formatted forms for forms created using the online form builder.
                • Fixed: Users were not being redirected to the organization homepage after creating organzation accounts.
                • Fixed: The list of form versions under the advanced export options was unordered.
                • Fixed: Users could share projects with organizations.
                • Fixed: Labels for filtered answer choices were not being displayed when a user would toggle between name and label on the Table tab.
                • Fixed: Photos in merged datasets were not being displayed on the Photos tab.
                • Fixed: Labels for answer choices were not being displayed in the single submission modal of the Table tab.

02-25-2020 v1.9.4 Release

                • Fixed: List of organization members was overflowing to the page footer.
                • Fixed: Users with Admin permission level could not download data after an account was downgraded to the Free plan.
                • Fixed: Filtered datasets in a project were not being sorted in descending order when sorting forms by the number of submissions.
                • Fixed: Maps were not zooming in to the recorded locations when the map view was loaded.
                • Fixed: Answer choices were not being filtered correctly when both numeric and alphanumeric values were used as variable names in XLSForms.
                • Fixed: XLSForms that were created by uploading datasets to a project contained extra columns.
                • Fixed: Sessions in other browsers were not being invalidated when a user changed their password from a different browser.

01-07-2020 v1.9.3 Release

                • Makes mapping threshold configurable.
                • Removes Add single collaborator tab from the project share modal.
                • Fixed: Media files within repeat groups did not have downloadable links.
                • Fixed: Form upload modal did not have the correct dimensions.
                • Fixed: Users could not enable the Submission review setting on a form once it was disabled from the form settings page.
                • Fixed: CSS files for the subscriptions page were not being loaded when a new organization was created.
                • Fixed: Wrong default permission level was being displayed in the share collaborator component.

11-29-2019 v1.9.1 Release

                • Updates requests with new session after Oauth authentication.
                • Adds functionality to add multiple users to a project.
                • Enables Form builder on custom deployments.
                • Fixed: Invalid urls were being sent to non-ona RapidPro deployment.
                • Fixed: Wrong subscription expiration dates were being displayed under My Plan page.
                • Fixed: Not all document files were being displayed in forms with multiple document files.

09-10-2019 v1.8.10 Release

                • Fixed: The current password field in the Edit Account Settings page did not have a rate limit for the number of password reset attempts.
                • Fixed: No error message was being returned when form upload from the Settings page failed.
                • Fixed: A poorly formatted error message was being returned when the new and confirm password fields did not match.
                • Fixed: Missing/Invalid-token error message was being returned even when a user entered the correct email address when changing their email address from the Edit Account Settings page.
                • Fixed: No error message was being returned when a user entered a wrong organization name when transferring a project to the organization.

08-25-2019 v1.8.8 Release

                • Adds missing CSRF session cookie.
                • Updates Oauth to allow user session update when API user changes.
                • Prevents click jacking.
                • Fixed: Error messages thrown when form publishing failed were not well formated.
                • Fixed: Replacing forms with errors was taking a while longer to show the error message.

07-25-2019 v1.8.7 Release

                • Updates mapbox gl to version 0.53.1.
                • Makes Oauth authentication configurable per deployment.
                • Prevents HTTP Host header attack on reset password request.
                • Adds a global switch for the submission review feature.
                • Fixed: Wrong error message was being returned when a user resets their password.
                • Fixed: Answer choices were not being displayed in their specified colors in bar graphs.
                • Fixed: There was no valid CSRF token on password reset.

06-20-2019 v1.8.5 Release

                • Fixed: Maps were not rendering all the data in a form.
                • Fixed: Enabling the submission review setting was throwing the error “405:Method not allowed”.
                • Fixed: Image file names with spaces were displaying wrong image links in the Table tab.
                • Fixed: Images collected along with data were not being displayed in the map view.
                • Fixed: Cross domain referrer leakage on email verification.
                • Fixed: The login form was missing a CSRF token.
                • Fixed: Password reset emails sent to a user did not have a rate-limit which resulted in spamming.
                • FIxed: The “Rejected” review status could not be saved without a review comment.
                • Fixed: Users were being redirected to a 400 error page when they entered a password of less than 4 characters during password reset.
                • Fixed: Referrer leakage on password reset.

04-30-2019 v1.8.3 Release

                • Hides the organizations option from the homepage menu when a user does not have an organization account.
                • Adds submission review to the form settings to allow project owners to approve and/or reject submissions made to any forms in their projects.
                • Fixed: Pop up error message was updated when merging datasets failed.
                • Fixed: Accounts on the Free plan did not have the link to the Ona Apps help guide in the form settings page.
                • Fixed: Calculate data type columns were not being included in merged datasets.
                • Fixed: The server was not returning a user friendly error message when it timed out during form upload.

03-13-2019 v1.8.0 Release

                • Fixed: The Free plan option included subscription options in the subscriptions page.
                • Fixed: The invoices section in the Plans settings page was left blank if there were no previous invoices associated with a user’s account.
                • Fixed: Updated drone slack notification token.
                • Fixed: Accounts on the Free plan had amount due included in the plan summary page.
                • Fixed: Changing passwords from the Edit Account Settings tab was failing with a 500 error.
                • Fixed: The email verification feature kept triggering the email alert if a user did not close the banner notification.
                • Fixed: The Change payment method link was redirecting users to the homepage when they clicked on it.

02-18-2019 v1.7.9 Release

                • Adds update buttons in the organization settings page that allow users to upload, replace or remove an organization profile picture or background image.
                • Adds support for Excel data imports.
                • Fixed: SVG file types were missing form the list of supported file types under Form Media Files tab of the form seettings page.
                • Fixed: No warning message was being shown when a user was editing a form that had submissions and was created using the form builder.
                • Fixed: PDF files were not being displayed correctly in the Table tab.
                • Fixed: No error message was being returned when an organization was being created with an empty email field.
                • Fixed: The Upload button was active when a user tried to upload a blank organization profile picture or background image.

11-27-2018 v1.7.6 Release

                • Adds better error handling when moving a form fails due to a duplicate form-id string.
                • Changes the “XLSForm” option for form builder generated form files to “CSVForm” in the form dropdown menu.
                • Fixed: Images under nested repeat group questions were not being displayed in the Table tab.
                • Fixed: Deleting records from merged datasets was failing with no error being returned on both the UI and console log.
                • Fixed: Upload XLS Report button was disabled in filtered datasets.
                • Fixed: Downloading images from the photos tab was failing.
                • Fixed: Deleting records from filtered datasets was failing with the error “404: Not found”.
                • Fixed: No error message was being returned when transferring a project from one personal account to another failed.
                • Fixed: Editing/deleting records in filtered datasets from the Map view was failing.

09-30-2018 v1.7.3 Release

                • Updates the Import CSV feature to allow users to use a clean dataset to add new records in bulk to a form, edit existing data, or replace exisiting data.
                • Adds a step for email verification when signing up for an Ona account to allow us to provide better support. Current users will be prompted to verify their email addresses upon logging into their accounts. The verification email can be access from the email given for an account.
                • Fixed: Users on the Free plan were able to go above their private project limit.
                • Fixed: No error message was being returned when importing a large CSV file that’s above the file size limit of 100MB. The upload button wasn’t responsive to click.
                • Fixed: Downloading an XLSForm from both the form’s drop down menu and Settings page was failing.
                • Fixed: No error message was being returned when merging datasets failed. Instead, the Save button wasn’t responding after clicking on it.
                • Fixed: JSON exports for large datasets with more than 100,000 records were failing. The Download JSON button was unresponsive.
                • Fixed: Download XLSForm link was hidden from the merged dataset drop down menu.
                • Fixed: New users on the Free plan were unable to create new projects.

07-06-2018 v1.6.5 Release

                • We have automated the process of subscribing to the Ona paid plans. Users can now upgrade their accounts or change to different subscription plan online.
                • Ona forms now support exporting data with choice labels.
                • Fixed: Users other than form author could not download forms created using the form builder editor.
                • Fixed: Inactive forms were being counted in the private forms limit for the Standard plan.
                • Fixed: Create merged dataset link was being hidden for projects in a paid organization account.
                • Fixed: Members in an organization account could not leave an organization. The error message “Something went wrong” was being retuned when an organization member attempted to leave an organization.
                • Fixed: Project Admins were unable to assign organization members different permission levels other than the default one “Cannot view(Hidden)”.

05-30-2018 v1.6.0 Release

                • We have introduced important technical product changes to allow us to better meet GDPR compliance requirements, including:
                  • We added a checkbox on the sign up page requiring new users to explicitly agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy before creating an account. Current Ona users agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy by continuing to use Ona.
                  • We added a EU citizen compliance page to request affirmative consent from both new and current users in regards to collection of EU citizen data. If a user indicates they are collecting data on EU citizens, they are required to sign an Ona Data Processing Agreement (DPA). Users who are not collecting data on EU citizens can continue using Ona without any further actions.
                • We added account deletion instructions to the settings page.
                • Users can now leave a project when they no longer need access to the project.

04-30-2018 v1.5.7 Release

                • We deployed an update that bars users from publishing XLSForms with duplicate column/field names. Having a form with duplicate column/field names resulted in SAV exports failing.
                • Fixed: Uploading large CSV files as form media files was failing with the error “413:Request Entity is too large”.
                • Fixed: Language toggle buttons were not appearing in multiple language forms.
                • Fixed: Submission Time charts for forms were downloading as blank charts.
                • Fixed: Variables for select_multiple questions for some forms were not being displayed on the Table tab.
                • Fixed: Filtered datasets linked to a form were not being deleted when the form was deleted.
                • Fixed: OSM data was missing when OSM tagged data was exported in Excel format.

03-27-2018 v1.5.5 Release

                • Ona forms now support SVG media files, which will let you create a question to select a small region from a larger SVG image. Read the Image Map Widget post from Enketo’s blog from more information. This works in webforms, but we are currently fixing a known bug where the image map widget does not work for select_one fields in ODK Collect.
                • You can now pull data from repeat groups using the linked dataset feature. To do so, you are required to define all the repeat group iterations in the pulldata function in order for all the iterations to be pulled.
                • We’ve added support for formID query parameter to formList endpoint so you can search for specific forms in their formList by including the formID in the formList endpoint. For example, https://api.ona.io/betatester/formList?formID=pizza_survey goes to the pizza_survey form.
                • Fixed: Submission count for merged datasets was not being updated when new submissions were made to any of the parent datasets.
                • Fixed: SAV exports with duplicate field names were failing.
                • Fixed: The walkthrough was appearing in some old accounts.

01-18-2018 v1.5.0 Release

                • A new bulk deletion feature makes it possible to delete multpile records at once. As always, only users with Admin or Can Edit permission can delete records from a form.
                • Users can now confirm if all media files of a submission were uploaded successfully under the Media attachments received metadata field. You can find the field on the far right of the Table data view.
                • We’ve updated the require authentication checkbox to be radio buttons with more information on how the feature works.
                • Fixed: Chart titles were showing null when fields were grouped by any of the metadata fields.
                • Fixed: No error notification was thrown when replacing a form from the settings page. Instead, the spinner kept spinning indefinitely.
                • Fixed: Users with Admin role were not able to access the Create merged dataset feature in a paid organization account while logged into a free account.
                • Fixed: Data exports from the parent dataset were appearing in the filtered dataset exports list.
                • Fixed: The in-site help chat button was distorted.
                • Fixed: Long chart titles were being shown distorted and would impact how charts were being rendered. Chart titles now display as text instead of images.

11-08-2017 v1.4.9 Release

                • We updated the export data interface to make downloading data more transparent. The exports panel now: saves previous exports, allows deletion of timed-out or failed exports, and generates new exports only when new submissions exist given the same export settings (otherwise a link to an existing export is instantly provided, saving you time).
                • Users can now turn require authentication on or off on both personal and organization accounts by clicking on a checkbox at the bottom of the account settings page.
                  • With require authentication turned off (checkbox unchecked), anyone can submit data to a form via Enketo as long as they have a webform URL or via ODK Collect by appending an account’s username to the configuration URL.
                  • Turning require authentication on restricts data submission and access to forms only to users who have been added to a project with Can Edit or Can Submit permission. Users will be required to log in in order to submit data to forms via ODK Collect or Enketo.
                • The trial period for the new Merge Datasets feature has come to an end :(. The feature is now available only on paid plans.
                • Fixed: Replacing a form with a form that had a different form-id was not returning an error notification.
                • Fixed: Users with Can View and Download role weren’t able to download forms from the project’s page since the form dropdown menu was hidden.
                • Fixed: The editing option for a form built using the Form Builder was mistakenly enabled if the form was replaced.
                • Fixed: Users with Can View role were able to submit data.
                • Fixed: Collaborators could be added via the Add Member textbox in the members settings page which returned a blank error message modal. They should only be added via the project’s share modal.
                • Fixed: Permission restrictions were disabled for public forms.
                • Fixed: Edit link for points on a map was not working. Instead, a 400 error was thrown when the link was opened.

10-10-2017 v1.4.8 Release

                • When downloading a chart, the chart title is now included in the download.
                • Fixed: Linking a dataset to a form under form media files was failing.
                • Fixed: XLS Report templates weren’t generating any reports. Instead, a “bad request” was thrown when preparing an XLS Report.
                • Fixed: Public projects were not loading for users who were not logged into their accounts.
                • Fixed: Chart titles in the dashboard were not changing when edited. Titles were also not being updated to the default language on multiple language forms.
                • Fixed: The show inactive checkbox was mistakenly being disabled for users with Can Edit role.
                • Fixed: Editing form info (on the settings page) was failing.
                • Fixed: Adding basemaps to a form was failing.
                • Fixed: Form count was not tallying correctly on the organization and project pages.

09-01-2017 v1.4.2 Release

                • Combine multiple datasets into one dataset automatically with the Create merged dataset feature. This feature lets you merge datasets from different forms with similar fields. Read more on Ona Help to learn how to merge datasets.
                • Charts have been improved to support grouping on non-numeric fields. A non-numeric field can now be grouped by two categorical variables. For example, you can have state (category) grouped by city (category) grouped by district (category).
                • Fixed: SAV exports were failing for forms with duplicate names in the same choice list.
                • Fixed: A bug allowed unrestricted exports on public projects.
                • Fixed: Labels weren’t appearing in CSV/Excel exports for fltered datasets.
                • Fixed: The API was returning Enketo URL’s with the value false on some edits.

06-12-2017 v1.3.50 Release

                • We are excited to announce some improvements to SPSS exports including adding numeric values for select one question types, changing split columns of select multiple question types from string to numeric or boolean, and removing note question type columns.
                • Whenever submissions are edited, the linked dashboard/webhook will now receive the edited additions.
                • Fixed: GPS points from repeat group question did not display correctly in maps, affecting filtering.
                • Fixed: Improved SPSS exports included adding numeric values for select one question types, changing split columns of select multiple question types from string to numeric or boolean, and removing note question type columns.
                • Fixed: Form version export was not working as expect as it did not including current form version.
                • Fixed: A default value for sorting users was not included for the project share modal when the permission was null.
                • Fixed: User was not redirected to Enketo webform after successful authentication.
                • Fixed: Ona platform hanged when trying to download non-existent XLS file.
                • Fixed: Links to help.ona.io were broken after the recent update to the help site.
                • Fixed: Exported JSON files resulted in a failed download.

05-03-2017 v1.3.46 Release

                • We are excited to announce our new Help site, which makes finding answers faster with improved search functionality and article categories.
                • The duration metadata chart has new axes labels and better time binning.
                • The TextIt and RapidPro Apps were updated to use TextIt API v2 rather than v1, which was discontinued.
                • Fixed: The metadata section on the chart side bar appeared distorted on some browsers.
                • Fixed: Chart titles on the dashboard was sometimes hidden when grouping by a second field.
                • Fixed: Preview forms were causing permissions bugs and links to preview form were removed.
                • Fixed: A bug caused CSVZIP exports to hang.

04-01-2017 v1.3.41 Release

                • We are excited to announce the integration of Tableau Connector into Ona Apps. Tableau is a data visualization tool that enables you to create visually appealing reports, charts, graphs, and dashboards. The connector lets you easily feed your data from Ona into Tableau.
                • Ona charts now support three variables. You can view three dimensions on a chart by grouping an integer chart by two categorical variables. For example, you can have age (integer) grouped by district (category) grouped by gender (category).
                • Toggle null answers on and off on charts. Clicking on the null toggle button lets you show or hide null values in the chart visualization.
                • Fixed: Date and time entries were sometimes displayed as invalid dates on both maps and tables.
                • Fixed: Usage info to the billing section message was turned off on new accounts.
                • Fixed: Show metadata link wasn’t showing up on a single submission modal.
                • Fixed: Pull CSV options had white/grey colors on the view by dropdown on map.
                • Fixed: Pulling new submissions from a linked dataset on Enketo wasn’t possible.

03-01-2017 v1.3.38 Release

                • We updated our pricing plans. Visit the plans page for more information. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, email sales@ona.io.
                • Users are now required to add their API Key to access tokens while adding basemaps using their Mapbox account.
                • Fixed: It wasn’t possible to scroll through the pages on the table view for datasets with special characters in the form field name.
                • Fixed: The table view on filtered datasets created on public forms was not accessible.
                • Fixed: ODK and Ona Collect apps were returning an authentication error when pulling a linked dataset. Authentication is now enforced on linked datasets and working without error.
                • Fixed: Lines and polygons weren’t showing up on the map view.
                • Fixed: When browsing photos at full size, clicking the download button sometimes downloaded the wrong image.
                • Fixed: When switching a form between active and inactive status, the project page sometimes required reloading to see the change.

02-01-2017 v1.3.33 Release

                • This month, we introduced the Ona Form Builder. The online form builder lets you design Ona forms that include features like ODK question types, form logic, and validation rules. Check out Ona Help to learn to use the form builder.
                • Since then, we have also added functionality that allows online editing on the form builder.
                • A new version of Ona Collect is on the Google Play Store. The release includes the ability for users to share forms with other users. To reflect this in Ona Collect, we’ve added a checkbox that allows you to show or hide forms shared with you. This setting is located in General Settings.
                • We added submitted_by and duration fields to the Charts tab. The submitted_by chart shows who submitted data and how many records each user submitted. The duration charts display how long each survey took to be completed — calculated from when a blank survey was opened to when it was submitted. On this chart, time (displayed in minutes) is on the x-axis and number of records is on the y-axis.
                • We added support to export JSON and CSVZIP files on filtered datasets.
                • Fixed: When viewing data on filtered datasets, the language selector was not displaying.
                • Fixed: Choice labels were not displayed on the table view when cascade_select was used.
                • Fixed: Submissions with images were failing on encrypted forms.
                • Fixed: Organization collaborator list was not being displayed.

01-01-2017 v1.3.25 Release

                • To help you visualize large datasets on a map, we added hexbin and heatmap visualizations. Displaying points works well for small datasets, but a large number of submissions can cause overlapping points, which misrepresent the data and make it difficult to see geospatial trends. Hexbins and heatmaps solve that problem through binning — combining points into less discrete groups — and showing density with the resulting geospatial shapes.
                • Also on maps, we added a scale bar. You can find this adjacent to map control buttons.
                • You can now upload forms that contain spaces in the file name.
                • We’ve made the single submission larger and simplified the header on table view.
                • Users can now edit grouped charts that they have saved to a dataset dashboard.
                • Fixed: A bug where an org member was able to transfer a project into an org account without admin or project manager rights in the org account.
                • Fixed: A bug causing the table view on filtered datasets to be disabled.
                • Fixed: After deleting a filtered dataset, the change was not reflected unless the page was refreshed.

12-01-2016 v1.3.19 Release

                • Import a CSV dataset into Ona without having to create a predefined form. With this feature, Ona automatically and amazingly creates an XLSForm based on your data. The uploaded dataset acts as a normal Ona form, meaning the data can be visualized, edited, and built upon with new submissions. Check out Ona Help to learn to upload your first CSV dataset..
                • Fine-tune data access permissions. Before this change, Can Submit and Can Edit users had access to all data in Ona. Now, you can choose to restrict data access for those users — either by granting access to only the data each individual user has submitted, or completely hiding data from Can Submit users, which is something you may do for an enumerator. These permission options occur at the form level and are found in Form Settings > Permission Restrictions.
                • On forms with multiple languages, we added support to allow users see the labels in the different languages when creating filtered datasets.
                • Edit chart titles on filtered dataset dashboards, just like you can on a normal dataset’s charts.
                • Fixed: Photos downloaded from the Photos tab were being cropped. Now, the original full resolution image is downloaded.
                • Fixed: Replaced attachments were getting renamed on the server and thus not viewable.
                • Fixed: The number of contributors figure displayed on the data overview page was wrong when a dataset had more than 100 records.
                • Fixed: On the table view, video files were displayed without a link to view or download them. We added a link to the file.
                • Fixed: On the project page, sorting in form list was not working as expected.

11-01-2016 v1.3.9 Release

                • View all the Photos from your form in a slideshow format with the new Photo tab. Clicking on an image launches a full-size carousel of photos, where share and download options are available. This is a beta version of the feature. The Photos tab is only enabled if images exist in your form.
                • We are excited to announce the addition of a high-resolution satellite basemap from DigitalGlobe. This will provide over 150 million square kilometers of the earth’s surface in astonishing clarity. DigitalGlobe offers the highest resolution and most up-to-date satellite imagery available on the market.
                • The new status.ona.io lets you keep track of uptime so you can stay informed about the status of Ona services. A link to the status page is in the footer in case you forget the URL.
                • Edit titles on any chart saved to the dashboard. Users with permissions to ‘save to dashboard’ can just save a chart to the dashboard, go to the corresponding tab, then click the edit icon next to the chart title to change it.
                • Get to Form Settings faster. A Settings link in the form dropdown button on project pages lets you navigate directly to the Form Settings.
                • Download XLSForm. A link in the form dropdown button on project pages lets you to download an XLSForm without having to go to Form Settings first.
                • You can now use underscores in usernames. _Please_ don’t make us _regret it_ by using them _excessively_.
                • Fixed: Geotrace features on maps were showing as points instead of lines, so we added a line style for geotrace fields.
                • Fixed: Repeat groups on filtered datasets were not editable. Note: existing filtered datasets that were created before this fix will need to be updated or deleted and created again for the fix to work. Sincere apologies for the inconvenience.
                • Fixed: Some charts were displaying null when the value for the field_name was not a number. We fixed this by allowing charts that expect numeric data to work with non-numeric data.
                • Fixed: On encrypted datasets, we disabled the Export Data box because exports are not allowed on encrypted datasets. Learn how to download data from encrypted datasets using ODK Briefcase.
                • Fixed: The Edit button on the Form Settings page was not working.
                • Fixed: OSM data was not being rendered on the table view because OSM tags were being displayed as blank fields.

10-01-2016 v1.2.11 Release

                • We improved our map view by enabling support for vector tile maps. Users can now view more than 100K points on a map without running into performance issues and create custom basemaps in vector tile formats on Mapbox.
                • We added date bounds to the data export feature, this highlights the submission dates on the calendar. The first and last submission dates have been applied as the default export settings.
                • We made the distinction between organization members and organization collaborators clearer by adding a ‘c’ icon with a tooltip on the share modal for organization projects.
                • Some CSV data exports were taking a while to download. To fix this, we disabled caching on exports monitor so that users do not have to refresh the page whenever exports load for too long.
                • We fixed a bug where some organizations on the Enterprise plan viewed over limit notifications errorneously on their accounts.
                • On organization settings page, we removed an API error notification that was displayed to users.
                • We fixed a bug affecting SAV datasets. This bug was form specific and affected forms that had duplicate column names. We added a unique id to handle this and these forms can now be exported.
                • On filtered datasets, when media attachments were downloaded, the entire data was being downloaded as opposed to only the media from the filtered dataset. Media attachments downloads now only include media specific to the filtered dataset.
                • Finally, we fixed a bug that caused avatar uploads on personal and organization accounts to disappear.

09-01-2016 v1.2.6 Release

                • We added functionality to link a form as a media resource to another form. The feature is accessible to users with admin permissions on the form settings page under the form media files tab. It is especially useful to users who run surveys concurrently and want to link submissions between surveys.
                • Access to the API key and API documentation is now available on the user interface. Users can access the tab from their profile settings page.
                • Functionality to export .SAV datasets under the data exports option is now supported. SAV exports enable you to view choice labels. Once you have opened your SAV file using SPSS under Data View, click the button showing two cojoined arrows, one pointing to a number and the other, a letter. The same button can be clicked to reverse this action.
                • On OSM map functionality, we have added support for the addition of custom URLs. Previously, users could only add base layers for openstreetmap.org and mapbox.com.
                • While creating filtered datasets, the list of accounts and projects were not sorted alphabetically, making finding a project a harrowing experience. Sorting is now improved to be in alphabetical order. In another case of improved sorting, on the share popup when adding collaborators to a project, the list has been re-ordered to display the project collaborators by permission level and alphabetical username.
                • For user and organization usernames, a limitation was added such that both user and organization usernames can only be created with lowercase characters and numbers.
                • A few enhancements were made around in-site notifications: organization admins and not members will see organization notifications. This is related to a bug fix for notifications being shown to all members of organizations that were near or at account limits.
                • A bug, which caused photos within repeat groups to not show up in the single submission view was fixed.
                • We added clearer error messages for failed media uploads.

08-01-2016 v1.2 Release

                • We enabled advanced features, previously only available on select paid plans, on all public datasets. This will enable all users to make use of a lot more features on the site with no restriction as long as the project is public. Advanced features include webhooks, advanced chart options (such as saving charts to the dashboard tab), Ona Appsfiltered datasets, and XLS Reports.
                • On our pricing module, we added a billing code entry to the project settings page for both personal and organization accounts. This supports custom pricing based on account/project usage for select enterprise clients. Email sales@ona.io to learn more about project-based pricing.
                • For Windows users who were seeing non-English characters displayed in CSV exports, we have added the CSV (Windows Compatible) option under data exports. This ensures non-English characters are displayed correctly on Windows.
                • On the form Overview tab, while exporting data using a date range filter (in the advanced export options), there was a bug where the specified end date was not being included in the exported data. We fixed it so both the start and end date are applied to the data export.
                • We notified users, via a message on the Ona home page, to switch to the new ODK configuration settings if they haven’t done so already. Read more about this on the Ona blog: Updates to user permissions in ODK Collect.
                • On charts, histograms that have large values now have abbreviated x-tick values with suffixes to ensure that large values are always legible.

07-01-2016 v1.1.67 Release

                • Ona now supports Google spreadsheets integration. Google spreadsheets is a web-based application that allows users to create, update and modify spreadsheets and share the data live online. This integration will allow users to send incoming submissions to a Google Spreadsheet as they are received by Ona. Additionally, edits and deletes on Ona are synced to the Google spreadsheet. Google spreadsheet settings are available under the newly added ‘Apps’ tab in the dataset settings page.
                • We integrated RapidPro, an open source interactive message platform, into Ona. The goal of this integration is to make it easy for end users to have a form submit into a flow. RapidPro settings are also available under the newly added ‘Apps’ tab in the dataset settings page.
                • We enabled full support for the Humanitarian Exchange Language (HXL). Read up more on how this works and how you can use it here.
                • We fixed a bug on charts where null values were being displayed as negatives for multiple choice questions.
                • We fixed a bug that caused percentages in stacked bar chart sections not to add up to 100%.
                • Additionally, we added inline labels to stacked bar chart sections.

06-01-2016 v1.1.64 Release

                • Users are now able to jump directly to editing a record from the table tab. Before, users had to open a single submission popup before they could access the edit record button.
                • We’ve improved error handling accross the site by ensuring invalid project IDs are handled and we display relevant error messages to users. We also improved the handling of errors while saving filtered datasets to accounts that don’t allow filtered datasets.
                • We deployed the latest version of Enketo, which fixes a problem were Enketo was not generating unique IDs for form submissions.
                • We improved the OSM functionality — the forms are now loading data properly in the tables and users can now see OSM shapes on the map.
                • On Charts,we made the following improvements:
                  • We fixed a bug that caused percentages in stacked bar sections to not add up to 100%.
                  • Stacked bar chart sections are sorted according to the order in which they appear in the form.
                  • We have also removed null entries from pie chart visualisation, previously null entries were currently included in pie chart sector size calculation, and shown as “No answer”.

05-01-2016 v1.1.57 Release

          • We implemented chart colors based on XLSForms. Based on the colors defined in the XLSForm options these will define the chart colors.
          • We added chart data grouping UI controls. We enabled choosing a field to group the data points by. This applies exclusively to numeric and select_one fields.
          • We added HXL support to our form export feature. Users who upload forms that support HXL can now download and export these forms with HXL tags.
          • When users uploaded new xlsforms to an account, the page had to be refreshed for it to appear. This was fixed so the uploaded form appears immediately. We modified the upload progress to show time to upload and time to verify the uploaded form.
          • While searching for projects, the function was not supporting special characters. This was fixed and special characters are now recognized in search terms.
          • We fixed a bug fix on media uploads, media files are now shown immediately after an upload.
          • The statistic toggle buttons were always disabled for grouped numeric charts, this was fixed and the SUM and AVG buttons are now enabled.
          • We have also renamed filtered dataviews to read as filtered datasets on the site. Additionally a fix was added to fix deleted filtered datasets were still appearing on the projects page.
          • We made a change to webforms so that Enketo forms now load correctly on the Safari browser.
          • We changed the way we set Enketo cookies to make webforms more secure.
          • We modified exports in the API to decrease the time it takes to create KML exports.