Dr. Simone Verkaart

Together the Global Resilience Partnership and Ona have built the Resilience Platform: a collaborative online space to capture, access, co-create and advance the latest resilience knowledge. Leveraging Ona’s vast experience in data engineering, design, and project management we worked closely together to refine and define the correct approach to complete our Management Information System and Solutions Platform. The approach was driven by scrum methodology and numerous design sessions with feedback from a variety of stakeholders from across the partnership. As a result of this ongoing engagement, we built a powerful platform centered around complex integrations using open source tools to showcase indicator performance reporting and dashboards connected to a document management system. Moreover, the platform provides access to resilience solutions, stories, people & initiative profiles as well as the latest evidence and tools. Partners from the resilience community can easily sign up to start sharing their own resilience knowledge. The resilience platform is growing to become a vital resource, providing access for our partners to join forces towards a resilient and sustainable future for vulnerable people and places.